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A Harlot's Progress (2013) A Christmas Carol (2015) In Parenthesis (2016) Jack the Ripper: the Women of Whitechapel (2019) Stonewall (2019)


Aurora Beowulf The Hidden Place How May I Call My Love? A Litany in Time of Plague London's Fatal Fire Moll's a'cold Much To Be Done Stonewall '69 Tom O'Bedlam


Amore Immortale Away Comfort Starving Cradle Suite vol. I/vol. II Daughters of Britannia Day Turned Into Night Hommes The Man With Night Sweats These Motley Fools Nezahualcoyotl Ixochitlajtol of you Somerton Moor The Undying Splendour We Two Wombed Souls

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