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"The mad scene confirms that Mr. Bell knows how to write for the human voice... An accomplished writer for orchestra as well, Bell tempers the astringency of a modernist style with carefully judged sonorities and a fondness for melodic figures that through repetition give the music a quasi-tonal feeling."
- New York Times
"Enthralling and acclaimed world premiere of the opera A Harlot's Progress."
- Oberösterreichische Nachrichten
"Cinematic, dramatic, thrilling, Bell stylistically knows no fear.
This is a piece that definitely needs to be heard." - Kurier
"A soul-devouring juggernaut, a decomposing, dirty battlefield.
Bell shows he can create gentle, lyrical moments, tumultuous structures that build in atmosphere and action scenes which stimulate."
- Der Standard
"An opera to be reckoned with. A Harlot's Progress together with Written on Skin by George Benjamin are the great successes of contemporary opera."
- Seen and Heard
"An urban juggernaught." - Salzburger Nachrichten
"Cheers for a great new opera in Vienna." - Österreich
"Huge applause and cries of bravo for Bell and his work" - Kronen Zeitung
"The juggernaut shows no mercy... Its contrast-rich atmosphere and tight plot are truly operatic material with London acting as the chief protagonist." - ORF